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Recommendations and Testimonials

Find out what fellow members of the pet community have to say about the HusherTM training aid.

"Hi - I don't usually send emails to companies however HUSHER has truly made a HUGE difference for my hubbie and I. Our two dogs Nitro (Beagle) and Jazz (Australian Kelpie) would bark and we were almost at the point of having to give them away (neighbours and stress of the barking). We have tried training, exercise, kong ball (toy), citronella spray, e-collar (we were desperate), ultrasonic sound etc. Husher is the best and most humane way to train our dogs not to bark (nuisance barking for no reason). Thank you for helping us have a peaceful neighbourhood and also a great product that truly works! Plus we don't have to think about giving our dogs away!”
Sarina Martin

"Ollie the big Beardy cross pig dog who was expelled from the pig dog pack for being such a lousy hunter and ended up at the SPCA. He has some anxiety issues and barks in a shrill nonstop fashion when with us. Today he wore our only Husher – and we had blissful silence within an hour. We had volunteers going outside regularly to praise and reward him with our “quietly” voice and hand signal during this time. As you can see from the photo he has charismatic Walt Disney style looks – with personality plus – a real cool dude. Most of our dogs go from foster homes to an adopting family at the end of our 8 week course so its important for them that they have no annoying habits –like nonstop barking – which destroy the success of the placement."
Marguerite Besier,Dog trainer for the Nelson Ark,New Zealand.

“Lots of dog owners, it seems, have well-loved dogs who are well trained, but when it comes to excessive barking it can drive them and their neighbours mad. We have had several people come….and say that the Husher has saved them from having their dogs taken away by the Environmental Health Department. This is the product that everyone has been waiting for.”
Steve Roby, Happy Pet Products Ltd.

"On the recommendation of our vet we began using the Husher and immediately it was a huge success. Because of the way the Husher is constructed, our dog could still drink and eat, but could no longer chew and rip apart all of our belongings."
Pat Steel, Dog Owner

“As a breeder of Giant dogs, I would heartily recommend the Husher as a humane and common sense approach to training a dog to stop nuisance barking and as an effective tool in safe breeding.”
Dave Swift, Dog Breeder

"At ISIS International our service focuses primarily on training police service dogs and behaviour management programs for aggressive dogs.

The Husher has provided us with the means to more effectively address behaviour issues such as aggression, barking and biting. In the past we have been restricted with muzzle apparatuses, halters, etc that are not only ineffective but as a rule encouraged aggression, and in some cases severe depression and other related anxiety. The Husher permits us to work with the dog without suppressing or intensifying drives (behaviours). Delineating the many benefits of the Husher for the professional is clearly beyond the scope of the letter.”
Kurt Suss, Illicit Substances Interdiction Services (Canada)

“The results with The Husher were amazing, within a couple of days we only needed to show Hunter the Husher and he would stop barking. We even found it helpful to control his behaviour in so many ways. We sometimes use it for a couple minutes to settle him down for bed and take it to the vets with us for appointments. Even if he won’t listen to an instruction, we show him the Husher and he listens immediately. It is truly a fantastic product that is affordable and in no way is inhumane to our dog in anyway. Thank You, this product has been a life saver!” ”
Dog Owner