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The HusherTM is the 100% humane way to stop all types of unwanted barking!

The world's most effective and humane elastic training aid for reducing barking, chewing, biting & aggression The HusherTM allows the dog to pant, eat and drink while wearing it!

Unwanted barking can be extremely annoying and disruptive and is a common cause of neighbourhood disputes.

The HusherTM is used as training aid to teach your dog not to bark inappropriately.

The HusherTM was developed to help calm a persistently barking dog. Utilising your dog's own body receptors through a technique called ”maintained pressure”, the HusherTM redirects your dog's focus and reduces unwanted, nuisance barking.

The HusherTM provides an alternative approach to behaviour modification through the application of light, maintained pressure around the mouth of the dog.

The Husher is Safe, Effective and Humane!


Hi - I don't usually send emails to companies however HUSHER has truly made a HUGE difference for my hubbie and I. Our two dogs Nitro (Beagle) and Jazz (Australian Kelpie) would bark and we were almost at the point of having to give them away (neighbours and stress of the barking). We have tried training, exercise, kong ball (toy), citronella spray, e-collar (we were desperate), ultrasonic sound etc. Husher is the best and most humane way to train our dogs not to bark (nuisance barking for no reason). Thank you for helping us have a peaceful neighbourhood and also a great product that truly works! Plus we don't have to think about giving our dogs away!

About HusherTM

About The Husher

The HusherTM is a very simple but effective training aid. It is made from stretchable elastic, with webbing around the elastic to limit the expansion of the dog's snout. The elastic exerts a firm yet humane pressure around the snout.

Training and Fitting

Husher Training and Fitting

The HusherTM must be sized and fitted correctly to your dog. Our step by step guide shows how simple it is to use the HusherTM.


Husher News

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