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Fitting The HusherTM to your dog.


Step 1. (Hold mouse over the image to enlarge)

Once you have The HusherTM with you, identify the top side of it for correct fitting. The top side has the word 'Husher' branded on it for easy identification. Slide the HusherTM, top side up, over your dogs snout so that it fits snugly. If it is tight and difficult to fit then you should consider the next size up, or the next size down if it is too loose. An incorrectly fitted or wrong sized HusherTM will not change the unwanted behaviours of your dog. It is very important the correct size of the HusherTM is used otherwise the dog may not be able to pant, drink or eat. The HusherTM has the black elastic at the top which is slightly cut back so that it wont rub up against your dogs face.

Step 2. (Hold mouse over the image to enlarge)

PreviewSnap the buckle together behind your dog's neck and tighten the strap so that it is firm, but not overly tight. If you find that after pulling the strap tight, your dog can still remove the HusherTM, then try wrapping the strap once around your dog's collar before you snap the buckle together.

Do not leave your dog unattended while wearing the HusherTM until you are certain it can pant and drink properly. Check your dog regularly.